Carlos Baradello

Dr Baradello is Professor of Social Innovation & Global Entrepreneurship. Carlos was in the telecommunications and computer industry with progressively senior executive roles at ITT, NYNEX, Digital Equipment Corporation, Advanced Fibre Communications (IPO 1996) and Motorola, where he was the company’s Corporate Vice President for the Latin America and Caribbean region. Currently, he is the General partner of Alaya Capital Partners (based in Argentina) and Managing Director of Sausalito Ventures (based in Northern California, USA).

He is visiting faculty of the Danish Technical University (Denmark), the Federico Santa Maria Technical University (Chile), and the University of International Business and Economics (Beijing, China), Universidad Catolica de Concepcion (Chile).

Carlos is a public speaker and corporate advisor to Fortune 500 companies, Economic Development Agencies and NGOs across the world. 

He has authored over 50 technical and management papers and has received USA/EU patents for six of his inventions. These writings are the foundation of his future book titled Soft Landing in Silicon ValleyTM.

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